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 Unified Communication Overview

Unified Communications from Avaya through Aura®
Avaya Unified Communications (UC) solutions allow voice, email, conferencing, video, and other applications to exchange information for enterprises. Using a common set of services that serve as the foundation for unifying management applications the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager provides comprehensive management capabilities across voice, data, and multimedia applications. In other words, the Avaya Aura® Communication Manager is the focal point that creates a unified communications environment for your organization.

Aura® Communication Manager Solution Reduces Capital Costs
The Aura® solution from Avaya provides your organization with a single unified management domain. This will improve workflows, reduce training, and decrease the complexity of managing a ‘hyperconnected’ network. Given that multiple network management applications are executed on a single server, the Aura® solution reduces the number of required servers, leading to a significant decrease in capital expenses.

Aura® Unified Communication Management Applications Save You Time and Money
Managing a network infrastructure for a business can is a necessary, but costly, expense. Regardless, an organization needs to balance their requirements with their budget.
Fortunately, Avaya UC Solutions offer you the latest technology at a reasonable cost without having to rely on incomplete third-party monitoring products or leveraging general trap views without advanced correlation capabilities.

Integrating disparate devices and functions can be completed with the Avaya Unified Communications Management portfolio, which alleviates managing an always-on, converged network. Again, this saves you both time and money.



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  • Aura® uses a Consistent User Interface

    Aura® offers a consistent look and feel to simplify management and improve efficiency. Avaya uses a standard, easy-to-use web UI that applies to all your unified communications-enabled products and delivers a consistent experience to users.

  • Aura® Provides One User ID and Password

    The Single Sign-On (SSO) navigation from Aura® allows access to all applications and users are no longer required to log on to separate systems to perform different tasks. Once logged in, the user can access any network management application.

  • Aura® Simple Administration Reduces Costs

    Network administrators who are not ‘super users’ can manage Aura® applications. Easy-to-use templates and Wizards lessen the need for expensive expert personnel on an ongoing basis. This simplification reduces ongoing operational expenses.

Aura® Capabilities Are Easy To Add

Aura® applications can easily be added in the future giving your organization one management solution that can grow with their needs.

Convenient Provisioning

Instead of provisioning services separately in each system, Aura® enables all services to be provisioned from a single location with the Subscriber Manager application. This option allows network administrators to manage subscriber services across various platforms.

Standalone or Integrated – Your Choice

Avaya Aura® standalone and integrated options offers administrators configuration flexibility. The Avaya Aura® solution is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that integrates JBOSS J2EE and Web-based technology using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Benefits Across The Network

•  Applications that communicate and share information increase workflow speed while reducing data entry and associated errors

•  Single log in ensures easy and secure access to appropriate applications

•  Having a single management suite across the enterprise eliminates the need to run multiple management tools and reduces support expenditures

•  Internal templates and wizards simplify the technology setups across network devices

Aura® Centralized Management

Aura® offers centralized management from a simple-to-use browser. If a branch office is cut off from the network due to an unplanned event a built-in survivability feature kicks in and the isolated site can continue to be managed locally.

Data Entry Reduction

Avaya Aura® has a common data repository that eliminates the need for users to enter user data multiple times. This directory allows customers to use a cache of information for applications that can be bulk-loaded and maintained through a LDAP sync utility.

•  Network management can be conducted from anywhere through web-based applications, which allows support to come from the lowest cost provider

•  Consistent look and feel over many applications decreases the learning time and training costs for IT personnel

•  Having management applications hosted on a single server with co-residency capability significantly reduces capital expenses

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