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 Avaya Aura® Unified Communication Applications

Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)
The VPFM can discover and monitor every IP/SNMP device on your network. Complex network topology is transformed into simple-to-use, hierarchy-based maps, giving IT personnel a clear view of any physical or logical network issues. The fault management capability includes correlation and integration with the network topologies while the performance management capability provides critical trending information on usage. Both capabilities are critical tools for your IT Personnel.

Configuration and Orchestration Manager (COM)
COM provides centralized configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting for enterprise-wide devices and technologies. This real-time Web-based application allows authorized users anytime, anywhere access. A high level of security is ensured by role based access privileges and audit trails. The COM simplifies configuration for the network through a topology-driven GUI with workflow-based visibility. VLAN, SMLT/MLT, VRF, and multicast configurations are easily managed using templates and wizards. Finally, network discovery, password management, and serving as a platform for downloading, launching, and hosting off-box device management are all handled by COM easily. In addition, COM manages network inventory, updates, device and user access controls with centralized off-box element management.

Enterprise Policy Manager (EPM)
This network-level application manages bandwidth, prioritizes traffic streams, sets network access policies, and controls energy consumption. EPM has tools for policy provisioning and closed-loop analysis. With these tools, the network manager can monitor policies and assess the impact of new ones on applications and services in the network. The EPM provides QoS configuration abilities needed for maintaining acceptable VoIP applications, unified communications, and all other critical functions.



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IP Flow Manager (IPFM)

Centralized management in one convenient place conducts all subscriber services provided by Avaya Aura® applications within the united communication domain. Furthermore, administrators using pre-defined service templates can create, move or change services easily from a central interface or go to a particular element manager and conduct more detailed management of the service parameters. The Subscriber Manager enables non-technical personnel to use established tools and provision services for subscribers. Alternatively, Subscriber Manager can work on a “Flow-Through Provisioning” mode and take actions automatically based on LDAP directory information.

Network Resource Manager (NRM)

The NRM automates configuration and software updates, backups, and other services, such as; centralized password management from a Web-based interface across multiple devices in your network. The NRM was designed to simplify bulk backup and restore services for switches in a network. All together, this provides network administrators with valuable time savings.

Subscriber Manager

IPFM enables administrators to monitor, view, and diagnose problems at the application level. The IPFM is a network management tool that uses flow-based data to make informed decisions about the network. The Ethernet Switch collects data on a per-port basis and forwards it to the IPFM, which performs monitoring, analysis, and presentation of application issues and usage.

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