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 Avaya Flare® Experience

Avaya Flare® Experience is ground-breaking software that offers a uniquely compelling multi-modal collaboration experience.


Delivered on the Avaya Desktop Video Device, the Avaya Flare® Experience offers quick and easy access to real-time communications and collaboration tools. Capabilities include desktop video, social media, audio/video/web conferencing, multiple directories, presence, instant messaging, and contextual history. It eliminates the need to use different interfaces and different directories to communicate across various types of tools.

Download the Avaya Flare® Communicator to an iPad device for integrated access to your voice, email, and IM communications.


The Avaya Flare® Experience

The Avaya Flare® Experience leverages the SIP-based Avaya Aura® communications platform to deliver improved real-time, multi-session and multi-modal communications to the desktop. Users communicate and collaborate without regard to type of network or access.
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Convene a team quickly

Intuitive touch-and-swipe user interface supports quick communications using voice, video, instant messaging, or social media without regard to the network type. Users connect to other users by simply dragging contact information to the spotlight.

Leverage communications history

All e-mail, IM and voice messages are located in a consolidated communications history. Clicking the contacts history tab lets users see all communications with that specific contact—already sorted and available.

Manage multiple conferences simultaneously

A subset of people on a conference can be selected to have a side-bar conversation without hanging up and starting over. The sidebar conversation can use IM or video or audio.

Access experts quickly

Experts can be located quickly and easily by looking at their presence information. Dragging the contact information to the spotlight brings the expert into the conversation.

Video collaboration

High-definition video is available for more effective communications. Gestures, body language, posture, facial expressions and eye contact can all be leveraged.

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