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 IP Office VS BCM

IP Office Verses Nortel BCM
Given that the BCM series is being discontinued, the IP Office 500 offers a great set of features that bring a BCM communications system up to date with the most modern phone system. Migration is easy.

IP Office One-number Reach
Managing all of the numbers to reach an employee today can be an issue. There can be several “reach” numbers: office extension, office mobile, personal mobile, fax number, home office number, etc. Avaya IP Office eliminates this problem by managing all employee reach numbers through the office phone system. As a result, employees can be contacted with one number (i.e., the office number) and Avaya IP Office routs calls to a designated number, anytime and to any device. This allows employees to designate where they can be reached based on the device nearest to their task.

IP Office Conference Calling
In today’s work environment, many calls are conferences with a large number of people. Older phone systems like the BCM series were designed for one-to-one communications or limited numbers on a conference call. As a result, businesses often spend a lot of money on third-party conference call services. Avaya IP Office has two conference bridges so there is no need for outside conference call services. Furthermore, these calls can be arranged at a moment’s notice or scheduled in advance.

IP Office Lets You Know Who Is Calling
Gaining access to important information about the person calling, before the call is answered, is a great advantage to those in the sales and customer service sectors. If your current telephony system is too dated to be capable of supporting Caller ID, the time has come to upgrade. Advanced solutions, like Avaya IP Office supports Caller ID and can be connected directly to most existing CRMs and databases (such as Salesforce.com)giving your customer support team the ability to quickly reference pertinent consumer information the moment a call rings through. 



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IP Office Connects Multiple Offices

Previously, having more than one office location meant distinctive and separate communications systems – a great disadvantage to businesses needing to share resources. With Avaya IP Office, businesses with multiple locations now have the advantage of being able to share everything from messaging to a single receptionist, even outside of operating hours. This enables one location to pick up the call overflow of a location that may be experiencing staff shortage due to illness or power outage. Internal extensions allow employees from different offices to remain connected with just a 3-digit extension, whether they are cities away or just down the hall. Even if your business only has one location, now is a great time to consider an Avaya IP Office solution because it can be cost efficiently scaled to meet future business growth and expansion.

IP Office Requires “No Cost” For Moves/Adds/Changes

For businesses still operating with a conventional business grade telephone system, even the smallest changes or alterations can result in costly visits from service technicians. Luckily, that is not the case with an Avaya IP Office solution. With an Avaya IP Office solution, you can make employee moves, additions or changes without incurring any expense. This means that if you need to move or add an employee or alter the way callers are routed to the business, it is possible for you to make these changes on your own and no technician will have to visit. Not only does this result in significant cost savings, but the added control and flexibility are major benefits.

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