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 IP Office Advanced Edition

With the IP Office Advanced Edition, budding businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of Avaya’s world-class contact center expertise. For small to mid-sized enterprises wanting to make a distinction between themselves and the competition through incomparable customer relationship management, IP Office Advanced Edition presents customer service representatives and management personnel with the tools they need to effectively manage call volumes, collect, and report valuable consumer intelligence in order to amplify sales and agent efficiency. Enhancing IP Office Preferred Edition (necessary pre –requisite), the Advanced Edition enables businesses to take customer service to unforeseen heights.


Advanced Edition Features

View Agent Status – Both management and customer service representatives are given access to valuable, real-time information on hold time, call queues, agent status, and many more great features designed to guarantee that customers are always being served professionally, quickly and competently.

Assess Agent Productivity – Supervisory personnel in the customer service department have access to recent and historic data, and the ability to create detailed reports in order to measure the performance and productivity of their team. The perceptive and intelligent web-based user interface utilizes ‘drag and drop’ technology to simplify configuration and quickly deliver tailored reports.

Manage Campaign Performance – Emerging businesses are given the advantage of real-time insight into the ongoing performance of marketing strategies. This insight allows businesses access to the information necessary to determine if resources should be adjusted to maximize revenue potential.

Selectively Retrieve Recorded / Archived Calls – Recorded phone conversations have been proven to have a positive effect on customer service and sales potential, and can be used to bolster new –hire training. Calls can be effortlessly and securely recovered from any computer on the network by inputting any number of variables and parameters.

Automate Popular Inquiries – Avoid employee exhaustion by offering customers access to easy – to –use call menus capable of providing efficient responses to the most commonly asked questions as quickly as possible. Callers to the business are given the ability to respond with both voice and touch – tone response.

Create Self Service Menus – Advance customer response time and generate revenue around the clock with customizable, automated self-help menus that permit consumers to place and change orders, check order and shipment status, and more.



We can help you set the right course for managing your BCM phone system investment


Measure and track customer service capabilities

Get access to real-time and historical call data, giving you the ability to foresee the quality of customer service your employees are providing.

Measure resources efficiently around the clock

The intuitive self-help options have the ability to drive revenue outside of normal business hours, giving consumers direct access to information such as: directions, order status, business hours etc). This function also frees customer service professionals to tend to more pertinent customer issues.

Address the needs of individual agents

Recorded calls can be monitored to ensure high quality, while providing insight into agent performance.

Increase response time

Business enhancing features and tools allow you to respond quickly, and adjust routing rules, service capacity, and agent assignments as the need arises.

Uncover new opportunities

Customer recordings can be leveraged to provide first-hand knowledge on consumer needs. This information can be used to create and establish new service offerings, or to improve existing ones, in order to drive sales and establish a stronger market presence.

Conflict and legal resolution

Having the ability to quickly replay customer conversations will help businesses to quickly resolve customer issues by providing access to factual information that can be used in court if necessary.

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