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 Avaya IP Office Release 8.0

Avaya IP Office version 8.0 has introduced a large number of new features and shiny new hardware to go along with the update. One of the major changes introduced into the Office Phone System is the amalgamation of the SD Card, Basic Mode and Partner Version; and renamed it the A-Law SD Card.

Other highlights include:

• Supported on IP500 V1 or V2 Cabinets

• One SD Card for all Versions- Basic Mode, Partner Version

• Upgrade with license to Essential, Preferred or Advanced Edition

• Avaya IP Office Web Manager: System Management via Web Browser

Supports the following web-browsers:

• Firefox

• Internet Explorer

• Safari

• Chrome

• New Hardware: (Preferred Edition Only)

• UC110 Unified Communications Module

• Requires a slot in Main Cabinet

• Supports Preferred Edition without Server

• Supports User Productivity Packages

• Supports Mobility Server



We can help you set the right course for managing your BCM phone system investment


Basic Edition, Partner Mode- V2 Cabinet only

• Upgrade to Essential Edition with Keycode

• Mobile Worker (Mobile Twinning) not supported, requires upgrade to Essential Edition

• No new feature enhancements with the exception of the voicemail

• Voicemail Enhancements:

• Intuity Audix Commands

• Call Screening

• Allow System Administration while Users are on a call

Preferred Edition

• Requires Dedicated PC, Server or UC110 Module

• Requires purchase of Essential Edition License

• Required Keycode to use Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User Productivity Licenses. If a customer with User Productivity License upgrades to Release 8.0 and does not have Preferred Edition, they must purchase this license in order to keep the User Productivity Licenses. Otherwise they will no longer work.

• Required for Multi-Site Networking at minimum of 1 site even if Centralized Voicemail is not required

• Multi Time Zone Support

• MAPI Exchange Integration on Linux

• Call Screening

Essential Edition

• Requires a keycode to upgrade from Basic Mode

• Comes with Mobile Twinning Feature for all users (requires SIP Trunks or PRI)

• Comes with the ability to have 2 remote workers – requires VCMs, does not require VPN or IP Endpoint License (9600 series Phone)

• Anything more than 2 remote workers requires an IP endpoint license- and maybe used for 1600 or any other IP Phone that requires VPN router

• Coaching Intrusion, Silent Intrusion and Whisper

Advanced Edition

Agent Monitoring and reporting via Customer Call Reporter Updates for 8.0

• Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office: Agent Control Gadget, World Clock Gadget

• System Talk Time Report Enhancements

• APF- Agent Productivity Factor (Agent Time Card Report)

• 15 & 30 minute reports for Call Summary Report and Call Detail Report

• Custom Reports

Contact a qualified Broad-Connect Telecom representative and they will help you gain the most from the new IP Office Software 8.0 Release.


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