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 IP Office 500 Essential Edition

Essential Edition is the foundation for IP Office communication tools providing call handling and routing in order to operate effectively and efficiently. Features include, caller ID, dial-by-name, automated attendants, conferencing, voicemail, soft phone, instant messaging plus more.

The IP Office Essential Edition provides the “must haves” small businesses need to enhance their communications with outside and inside their organization. Ultimately, this will streamline their operations, saving them both time and money.

Quick Mode – This is the fastest way to get an Avaya IP Office phone system implemented in your business. It can work right out of the box for up to twenty extensions. If a custom configuration is required, simply switch IP Office to Standard Mode. No additional licenses are required.

Standard Mode – This allows you to customize IP Office for the smallest of systems and can expand up to tens or even hundreds of users, each with their own voice mailbox.


We can help you set the right course for managing your BCM phone system investment


  • Efficient call handling

    Calls are quickly routed to the right department or person through touch-tone prompts, and this saves you time and provides a quick resolution for your customer.

  • Convenience

    Callers can easily enter the name of the representative they seek for fast, personalized attention.

  • 24 – hour access

    Having voicemail greetings from each staff member gives customers the feeling of being connected even after hours..

Essential Edition Features


Forty (40) automated attendants can be programmed but only 6 simultaneous calls are allowed. This is enough to handle most small business applications. Customized greetings are important so key clients receive a personal message and are routed directly to the most appropriate person or team.

Dial By Name/Extension

Individuals can be reached easily by callers who simply type on the phone keypad the name or extension of the individual they want to be connected with.


A range of choices that enable staff to stay connected regardless of where they are. Retrieve voicemail messages from the keypad on any telephone, through the context sensitive display on an Avaya phone.

Voicemail to email

Allows voicemail messages to show up as an email. This is a major advantage and is a feature that is part of the IP Office foundation.

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