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 Avaya IP Office 500 Release 7.0

VERSION 7.0 is a recent release of IP Office 500. The following additional features are available for an IP Office Essential Edition [Norstar Version] running IP Office 500 Release 7.0 software.

System Mode: Key System or PBX System
Systems can now be configured as either key or PBX systems.

2 or 3 Digit Extension Numbering
Systems can now be configured to use 2 digit or 3 digit extension numbering.

Up to 100 Extensions
In 3-digit numbering mode, the systems can now support up to 100 extensions.

DND Exceptions
Using IP Office Manager, the system administrator can now see and if necessary change the do not disturb status of a user. In addition the system administrator can now edit do not disturb exception numbers for the user.

Embedded Voicemail Enhancements
The following changes have been made to embedded voicemail operation;

EVM Outcalling – Through the mailbox prompts menu, mailbox users can now enable voicemail outcalling. This will call a number that is configured when their mailbox contains new messages.

EVM License – The additional ports license that enables 2 additional ports also enables 5 hours of additional prompt and message storage.
Trunk Templates
IP Office Manager can be used to import SIP and analog trunk settings from supplied trunk templates.

Avaya Nortel Phone Support
Systems can now use the TCM8 base card and DS16A or DS30A external expansion modules to support the addition of Avaya Nortel T-Series and M-Series phones.



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PRI Trunk Support

Systems can now be installed with a IP500 PRI-U trunk daughter card. Only one single-port trunk card can be installed, allowing up to 30 E1 PRI trunk channels. Note that BRI and PRI trunks are not supported in the same system.

Button Programming

The following changes have been made to button programming features;

Message Waiting Indicator Inspect

This feature can be assigned to a programmable button. In conjunction with Auto Dial – Intercom buttons for other user extensions, it can be used to see the current message waiting indicator status of those users.

Avaya 9400/9500 Series Phone Support

Avaya 9400 and 9500 Series phones are supported. They connect to the system using Digital Station (DS) ports in the same way as existing 1400 Series phones.

Absent Text Inspect

The existing Absent Text button function used to set and clear a user’s absent text can now be used to see the absent text of another user without having to make a call to that user.

Data Migration Tool

This migration tool supports data transfer for the Norstar v7, Nortel BCM200/400/1000 R4, Nortel BCM50 R3/R5/R6 and Nortel BCM450 R1/R5/R6 systems. This tool will minimize errors and dramatically cut down on the installation time and costs by allowing programming and Auto-Attendant customer announcements to be migrated directly into IP Office.

Contact a qualified Broad-Connect Telecom representative and they will help you gain the most from the new IP Office 500 Software 7.0 Release.

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