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 The Latest Avaya IP Office Release 8.1

IP Office Solution Overview

IP Office Server Edition has been specifically designed to address up-to a 1000 users on a single site, and also accommodate companies with up-to a 1000 users across 32 locations.

The top two requirements that the majority of the midsized enterprise customers are looking for in their unified communications solutions are TCO and simplicity. IP Office has show-cased the best total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage compared to competition including one of the simplest solutions to deploy, and manage.

IP Office Key Components

IP Office constitutes three key components to address Mid-market

  1. IP Office software running on a Linux server (required).
  2. IP Office software running on the IP500v2 (optional).
  3. IP Office Server Edition license (required for each component

Note: IP500v1 chassis is not supported with IP Office Server Edition.

The software running on both Linux server and IP Office 500v2 is identical and hence the feature set delivered by the two components are the same (except as listed below) and co-exist as part of a single solution.

IP Office Scalability

IP Office is designed to scale up-to a 1000 users on a single site or across a maximum of 32 sites. The table below lists servers and capacitates

The Primary Server running the Avaya IP Office R8.1+ Server Edition Linux Software is the main and the only mandatory component required for the IP Office Mid-market offer to work. A secondary Linux server can be added for additional scalability and/or resiliency. The IP Office 500v2 expansion system can also be added for additional scalability or for adding support for analog/digital stations and trunk ports.



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