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 IP Office 500 Users

IP Office 500 allows you set user types and permissions, allowing your users to better manage their time and responsibilities. Each Edition of IP Office (Essential, Preferred, or Advanced) is geared to a different set of users (see table/graphic below).

You will be able to specify user types such as supervisor, receptionist and power user; giving you full control of your customer service workflow; allowing you to monitor and analyze your team’s productivity every step of the way.

Basic User – Provides access to basic call handling features and tools such as: voicemail, call transfer, and call forwarding.

Receptionist – is a powerful application that allows a single operator to manage calls for single site offices and even multiple locations to ensure prompt and professional handling of all calls. Receptionists can handle dozens, even hundreds of calls daily, so it’s easy to see how important it is to deploy a phone application that allows for efficient call handling. IP Office Receptionist offers a visual display of incoming calls and call status throughout the business on an easy-to-use PC interface. With visual access to everyone’s phone status – who’s busy, on the phone, away from their desk – receptionists can route calls quickly and accurately with a mouse click. 



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  • Office Worker

    The web browser-based Office Worker solution for IP Office is a single, intuitive PC interface that puts powerful communications tools at your fingertips.

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  • Teleworker

    IP Office Teleworker enables home and remote workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office.

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  • Mobile Worker

    Mobile Worker turns any phone into an office phone extension, with many of the same advanced call handling features available in the office.

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  • Power User

    The ultimate in communications accessibility, IP Office Power User enables executives and managers to be as productive as possible in virtually any circumstances. Whether in the office, down the hall, at home, or on the road; Power User lets key personnel always be responsive to customers and colleagues, including all the features of Office Worker, Teleworker and Mobile Worker. Learn More

  • Customer Service Agent

    This browser-based client gives agents information about the number of calls on hold, in progress, or lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out. If no calls are waiting to be answered, an agent can spend more time with the current caller, helping to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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  • Customer Service Supervisor

    This monitoring and reporting application lets small businesses track and measure interactions and productivity in customer sales and service. Get reports to manage your sales activities, judge the value of marketing campaigns, and see how well agents are handling customer calls.

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Office Worker

Employees who routinely work in the main office require access to a unique set of communications tools enabling them to be as productive as possible. The online-based Office Worker solution for IP Office is an easy – to – use, intuitive interface that delivers access to powerful communications tools. Give your employees the ability to get things done quickly and competently, make solid decisions, answer questions, and deliver critical and time sensitive information without leaving their desks. Additionally, they can send and receive instant messages. Manage audio conferences with a single click. Check co-worker statues. Click – to – Dial and access voice, fax and email messages from a single location. Office Worker enables employees to work smarter and faster, allowing the business to realize the full potential of improved productivity and efficiency.

Customer Service Supervisor

The Customer Service Supervisor application is an advanced ‘drag and drop’ reporting and monitoring tools that allows small enterprises to monitor and measure customer service interactions and employee productivity. It delivers reports that can be used to manage and correct sales activities, gauge the value of marketing initiatives, and determine agents’ ability to handle customer calls. Management can custom tailor agent views based on call queues, available agents, call hold volume and so on. Available with IP Office Advanced Edition, the Customer Service Supervisor will help management to better manage their workloads.

Customer Service Agent

Through custom tailored views pre-determined by supervisors and managers, customer service agents will see a wide variety of information capable of assisting them in time management based on workload, agent availability, and call queues.

If there are no calls waiting to be answered, agents will know that they have more time to spend with the current caller in order to raise customer satisfaction rates and drive revenue. Having a comprehensive and easy to use web-based interface makes it easier for agents to access the system and perform their daily duties diligently and effectively. This application is available with IP Office Advanced Edition.


IP Office Teleworker delivers an arsenal of powerful communications tools to home and remote workers, enabling them to remain connected with the business and accessible by many different mediums. Available with IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition, IP Office Teleworker enables smaller organizations to expand their talent pool by giving employees who work remotely access to an array of office phone capabilities.

As long as Internet connectivity is available, remote and home based workers can be viewed as a seamless extension to the main office. This makes it simple for consumers and co-workers to contact them when needed.

Power User

IP Office Power User is the ultimate in communications accessibility. It makes it possible for managers and higher-level executives to be as productive as possible, regardless of the situation. Whether they are working from the office, the road or from home, Power User enables key personnel to be as responsive as possible to clients and business associates. A laptop and telephone can be turned into a mobile office with the Power User software (available with both IP Office Preferred and Advanced Editions) not only does this unify communications to ensure a high level of productivity, it also greatly increases efficiency.

Mobile Workers

For employees that must routinely work from outside of the office, but don’t always have access to a laptop, IP Office Mobile Worker (available on both IP Office Preferred Edition and Advanced Edition) ensures that mobile employees are always accessible. Regardless of where they are working, Mobile Worker has the capability to turn any phone (cell, phone, PDA etc) into an extension of their office phone and allows them the benefit of many of the same great call handling features that would be available if they were working in the office. With the inclusion of great technological advances, such as Find Me – Follow Me applications mobile workers utilize a single phone number (their office number) and calls will ring simultaneously on any other programmed phone number so that clients, co-workers and vendors can reach them.

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