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 IP Office 500 Preferred Edition

IP Office Preferred Edition builds on the capabilities of Essential IP Office by allowing staff to collaborate with intelligent communications capabilities and tools. With Preferred Edition, businesses can easily and quickly respond to customers and connect with colleagues, which will increase their competitive edge. Forty (40) calls can be handled simultaneously.


Preferred Edition Features

Expanded Voicemail – Broadcasting a single voicemail to all the employees in an organization, or just sending a voicemail to everyone in a specific department is a great way to expand the voicemail system. You can have voicemail messages “find” you and alert you to new messages. Altogether, this helps make the entire staff more productive and efficient.

Secure Conferencing – You can invite up to 64-parties per conference on the built-in 128-party conferencing capability. This makes it easy for users and the host to collaborate on a secure connection. Having a unique call capacity lets you host a multitude of calls simultaneously with everyone using
a password-protected conference bridge, both customers and colleagues.

Automated Call Routing – IP Office Preferred Edition offers call routing with an unlimited number of automated attendants. As a result, sophisticated call management is now a reality for any size business. Customized attendants can handle calls by time of day, day of week or other variables and can recognize specific callers and deliver personalized messages. This includes pre-record announcements for holiday greetings or special promotions that can be scheduled as required.

Call Recording – Recording incoming and outgoing calls is a built-in feature with the IP Office Preferred Edition. You can set the frequency of recorded calls as 100% or all the time or as a percentage of calls. Alternatively, you may record calls on demand with the click of a mouse. Recordings are stored or they can be sent to a voice/email mailbox as an attachment. 



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Preferred Edition Benefits

Growth Investment

 IP Office can expand as your business grows with ten times more voice messaging capacity than the IP Office Essential Edition. This will accommodate a higher number of calls from customers and additional users. IP Office can grow with your organization, saving training time and familiarity with a known system.

Flexible Management

Quickly adapt to your changing business needs. All users can spontaneously host their own personalized and secure conference calls and access their profiles to engage the communication services they desire.

Communications Assurance

Having the ability to record all calls means no one should miss any important information or communication request from outside or inside the organization.

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