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 Protecting Your Investment

Protect Your Phone System Investment
The 2009 acquisition of Nortel by Avaya has resulted in the discontinuation of the BCM telephone system in 2012. For businesses using BCM systems, migration to an IP Office solution is the only step forward. It should be mentioned that it was previously recommended that Norstar Merdian system users migrate to the BCM system. Broad-Connect Telecom is widely experienced in IP Office solutions and is in a unique position to assist your IP Office migration from Nortel and Norstar Meridian phone systems.

Gradual Replacement of Your Phone System
Migrating to Avaya IP Office allows you to continue to use your existing phone handsets and replace them when you’re ready. Typically, businesses choose to begin replacing the telephony equipment of employees most likely to benefit from the use of the advanced features of an IP phone first. By leveraging the existing hardware during the transitional period you are capable of protecting nearly 60% of your initial phone system investment.

There is no such thing as a faultless phone system. Despite what vendors may tell you, issues do arise.
Being dependant on external communications, it is vital to the survival of your business to ensure that your phone system is not out dated or being phased out.Broad-Connect recommends that businesses should not be more than 2 versions behind the most recent software, and never using end-of-life hardware.

Since handsets average 40% to 60% of the value of a phone system investment, the ability to continue to use existing handsets and gradually upgrade them as needed avoids the possibility of a ‘rip and replace’ scenario.

Each existing extension can be converted with a single click of the mouse. Since this includes the transfer of other elements for a user such as voicemail, there is no need to re-train users on their handset. Employees can become acquainted with IP Office at a steady pace, which will allow you the time to gauge whether or further upgrades to additional IP Office product is necessary. 




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Nortel or Norstar to Avaya Using the Data Migration Manager Tool

The new Avaya IP Office 500 software release 7.0 has a unique migration tool the “data Migration Manager”, which enables the migration of both handsets and voicemail effortless to a IP Office System, This tool migrates essential programming from an existing Nortel BCM or Norstar Meridian system to Avaya IP Office, including the ability to transfer all Auto-Attendant customer announcements and messages. The IP Office 7.0 data migration tool supports Norstar v7, BCM200/400/1000 R4, BCM50 R3/R5/R6 and BCM450 R1/R5/R6 as the source system.


For businesses using conventional wired systems, it is possible to continue the use with an Avaya IP Office solution. If a Local Area Network (LAN) is used to connect PCs/Servers, that can be used as well. Avaya IP Office will work optimally with both types of wiring. This freedom results in significant cost savings by reducing the need to re-wire.

Future Growth

As your business grows and expands, Avaya IP Office will continue to support your needs. You need not be concerned about future upgrades because Avaya IP Office can be scaled to meet the demands of even the largest corporations.

Contact a qualified Broad-Connect migration specialist and ask how you can protect your phone system investment with a migration to Avaya IP Office.

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