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 Migration Check List

Migration Check List, Yes or When?
The reality is that the Nortel BCM System will be discontinued in March of 2012 and the Norstar was already discontinued in October 2010. With full support ending by 2017 means it is only a matter of time before your migration occurs. However, if your existing Nortel or Norstar phone system is working fine then it may bring up the question “When do we switch?

Here are some guidelines that can help you plan when is the best time for you:

•   If the phone system is more than three years old: upgrade.

•   If no updates have been made to your current phone system for several years and the software/hardware     is no longer supported: upgrade.

•   If you plan to operate the business for at least 5-10 years: upgrade.

•   If the business is growing or relocating in the near future: upgrade.

•   If email and mobile are important components: upgrade.

•   If a major portion of your sales/customer service occurs through the business communications system:     upgrade.

•   If you rely on conference calls: upgrade.

•   If you are a heavy fax user: upgrade.

•   If you require call recording capabilities: upgrade.

•   If you operate from more than one location or have remote workers: upgrade.

This checklist is just a set of guidelines and the decision to upgrade your communication system must be made in a balanced way. Another way to look at the decision of moving to a new Avaya IP Office system are new telephony capabilities it offers.

In today’s competitive marketplace, solid communications are critical to any business, especially if it is growing. You can always set a path to migration that is staged over a longer period of time.


Reduce Your Migration Costs

Reduce IP Office migration costs by 40% to 60% by utilizing your existing phone sets.


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In order to be sure which path is best for your business, just contact one of our Broad-Connect Telecom specialists and they will help you determine an action plan that suits your business needs.


We can help you set the right course for managing your BCM phone system investment


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