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 Norstar Migration

Migrate your Norstar or Meridan Phone System
In 1988, Nortel developed the Meridian Norstar/Nortel PBX system and it quickly became one of the leading telephone systems in the world due to the use of fully digital parts. Installations included major retail chains, educational environments, medical institutions, government facilities, and many places where key telephone systems are required.

The Norstar system blurred the distinction between a key telephone system and PBX telephone system, but this created issues when selecting phones that could work on both systems. As a result, the Business Communication Manager (BCM) was created.

Given that one of the main migration paths for the Norstar/Nortel PBX System is being discontinued (the BCM System) in March 2012 means that the only migration option for Norstar Phone System owners is IP Office.

Why Migrate Your Norstar System?
The big question becomes, if your existing Norstar phone system is doing the job, why change?
For a full list of the ways your Norstar or Meridian Phone System is protected through Avaya please viewProtect Your Investment.

In order to determine if migration is right for your organization use our Migration Check List. However, the Norstar/Nortel PBX System was discontinued In October 2010 and Manufacturer’s Support on hardware and software continues until October 2013 and Extended Services Support is only available until October 2016.

Contact one of our IP Office migration specialists at Broad-Connect Telecom and we can help you set the right course for managing your Norstar phone system investment.


Protect Your Norstar

Use Our Migration Check List »

Norstar Product Details

Norstar Compact came with 6 lines and 8 extensions and was upgradable to 16 extensions.

Norstar Modular 032 could be upgraded to a maximum of 188 ports.

Norstar 824 started with 8 analogue lines and 24 extensions to a maximum capacity of 80 lines or 120 extensions with added modules.


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We can help you set the right course for managing your BCM phone system investment


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